Get Immunized, Idaho

Welcome to our advocacy coalition! We are an arm of the Idaho Immunization Coalition with the purpose of providing education and outreach around the state. We work closely with lawmakers, doctors, scientists, nurses, counselors, teachers, parents, individuals and many others to share the most updated and factual based information to our decisions makers.

Help us stop the infectious spread of false claims.

Legislative Contact

Idaho’s elected officials and public health officials want to hear from their constituents. We encourage you to become an advocate for immunizations by reaching out and sharing with your elected officials the importance of vaccines.

Find out when your local senator or representative is holding a town hall or community event, you can do that by joining their mailing list. We encourage you to attend one, introduce yourself and ask friendly questions. 

Lead a Team

We are looking for immunization advocates from all across Idaho. By becoming a team leader, you will be able help us plan events including in informational sessions, town halls, immunization clinics, parent meetings and more.

Your fresh ideas and enthusiasm to share the real facts about immunizations is critical to growing our team and sharing our message.

We thank you in advance for making this critical issue a priority.

Join the Coalition

We need your support and help! If you want to ensure that an immunized Idaho is a Healthy Idaho, please join our team.

By clicking below and filling out our contact form, you will receive up-to-date information on events in your area, clinics, legislative hearings, and more.

*Please note that your contact information will not be shared, and will only be used by Get Immunized, Idaho.

Community Immunity

If Idahoans are not immunized, Idaho is not protected. The decision to delay or reject vaccines is not just a personal choice, it affects everyone you interact with in your daily life. At least 93% of our population needs to be immunized to ensure a healthy community. Unfortunately, there are clusters of unimmunized Idahoans and some local school districts reported immunization rates as low as 34%.  We must increase this number. It is critical to the well-being of Idahoans.