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Treasure Valley organizations making health information and resources accessible for all Idahoans

The Idaho Immunization Coalition (IIC) and the Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho teamed up to host a health fair for all Idahoans Sunday afternoon. The groups provided COVID-19…

Experimental breast cancer vaccine proves safe in phase 1 clinical trials

According to the World Health OrganizationTrusted Source, 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, and there were over 7.8 million women alive who had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the previous 5 years.

Global disparity in access to essential vaccines, says WHO report

It is the first to examine the implications of COVID-19 for vaccine markets and highlights the disparity in access around the world. The report says that the way the global market is not fully conducive to the development, supply and access for essential vaccines…

The MMR vaccine is said to be effective in protecting children as young as 1-year-old from measles.

A measles outbreak at a Columbus area daycare has infected four children, all under the age of three. The infected children were all eligible for a vaccine.

Minnesota doctors urge vaccines for COVID-19, flu ahead of the winter

As respiratory viruses have started to rise as we enter the winter months, Minnesota doctors are urging people to get vaccinated against both COVID-19 and the flu.

RSV infections spreading quickly and causing severe illness among children in South Dakota

An earlier-than-normal and more virulent strain of RSV infections in South Dakota is causing severe illness in young children, sparking concerns that pediatric intensive care units could become strained, especially if combined with…

We are in trouble’: Study raises alarm about impacts of long covid

A new long-covid study based on the experiences of nearly 100,000 participants provides powerful evidence that many people do not fully recover months after being infected with the coronavirus.

HPV vaccine rates in Utah increase by more than 16% among young men and women, CDC data reveals

When life should have been ripe with possibilities, Mandy Murry instead faced a devastating diagnosis. Murry was diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was 22. She had her cervix and…